Friday, 9 June 2017

Wrong Fuel In Car Symptoms and Recovery

Putting unleaded fuel in car or any other vehicle is called mis-fueling and it can cause heavy damage to car that is why Dr. Fuel, UK's renowned wrong fuel recovery experts advice people to be careful and attentive while putting fuel in their vehicles.

If you put diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car, and you've noticed this mistake, still there are some symptoms or signs by which you can be aware of the situation. those symptoms are as following:

The very first and simple sign of misfueling is that, the engine of your car won't start at all. You can come to know the mistake by this.

                                       Do's and Don'ts after you put wrong fuel in car

Another symptom of mis-fueling is that the Engine which was running smoothly previously, will start cut out and you'll spot a clear difference in working.

Another sign to recognize if you put wrong fuel in car is abnormal smoke from exhaust system. It will let you know about the mistake.
Please take note that these symptom does not apply to all the vehicles, and there might be some other minor or major symptoms as well depending upon the quantity of unleaded filled or condition of car engine.

Lets talk about the things you should do after you find out the wrong fuel in car problem by putting unleaded fuel in your car. The very first and strongest recommendation is, don't start your engine and don't drive the vehicle. It will stop wrong fuel in car parts rather than circulating to other sensitive engine parts.

Seek for fuel draining services and call Dr. Fuel (truly the best Fuel Doctor in London) to provide recovery solutions and let you drive your car once again.