Filled you vehicle with wrong fuel? Call Dr. Fuel now for help

Since my childhood, I had been seeing several scenes in movies and seasons that a girl gets stuck in the middle of a road by getting car out of order. Even in movies it used to give me chill in my backbone when a young, beautiful girl gets stuck during a stormy night on a desolate road. But who knew the same situation will happen to me after 22 years of seeing such scenes just on screen. I was returning from a musical concert organized at a distant location in Birmingham. I have my residence in the middle of Birmingham city.

The event went quiet well and I was still feeling hum of music and voice of my favorite singers. I took a turn to a desolate and uncrowded road when I felt something is wrong. It was smoke coming out of engine but I ignored it thinking it fog or smog due to intense cold. Things turned worst when my car stopped suddenly even before taking next turn on the same road. I got freeze even with the imagination of what was going to happen next. I tried my best not to get out of car by again and again trying to start car. Ignition had gone dead and smoke was continuously emitting from the engine.
The situation was getting worse by every passing minute. I decided not to go out and call someone for help. I called my friends who had attended the concert with me. I was expecting that they must be on their way to home and can reach me in next 20 to 30 minutes. They were 3 in number and understood my situation within time. One of my friend asked about the exact location which I confirmed from the GPS.

Hardly 20 minutes must have been passed when a van reached me. I thought it as police van who must have been stopped by seeing a car stopped in the middle of road. I was still reluctant and asked the guy. He told me that they had come from Dr Fuel Company as my friend had called them to help me out. I was not sure so confirmed it my friend who told me that Dr Fuel is an expert company for rehabilitation of out of order car engine especially for wrong fuel issues.

I opened my car bonnet and chose to stay inside the car till my friend reached. The team of Dr Fuel comprised of 2 technicians along with a well-equipped van. They told me that engine was wrongly fueled and if it had not been shut down, it could have damaged the whole engine. They addressed the problem within half hour and provided me fuel to reach me at my destination. The charges were quiet reasonable despite of high quality and quick service.

I thanked my friend and Dr Fuel team again and again as they saved me from one of the most awkward situations of my life. I saved Dr Fuel contact # to avail their service for any kind of misfueling issue in future. You can also contact Dr Fuel anytime if you have misfueled your car or any other engine by calling them on 0800 917 7033 or 07717 620 630.


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